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Cossackshow is a London based Russian/Ukrainian folk dance collective, which was born in 2008. Since then it has been successfully led by artist and choreographer of Ensemble of National Dance of Ukraine, Sergey Yatskevych, who graduated from National Academy of Dance of Ukraine in 1984. Years of experience and a successful dancing career took him to numerous Eastern and Western European countries including France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Following successful progression and expansion, Cossackshow was then joined by yet another extremely successful choreographer in 2012, Ludmila Nikolova, who graduated from Saint Petersburg University of Arts in 1998. Both choreographers managed and trained the group successfully resulting in Cossackshow gaining a strong reputation and brand name and allowing the group to showcase and share their vibrant performances with audiences all over UK and Western Europe.. Under the supervision of the two choreographers, Cossackshow are continuously working on their ever-expanding repertoire of dance, acrobatic techniques, and new explorative ideas. Cossackshow also run a school for children and adults and always welcome new talent!

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