Cossack Dance Collection

Entertainment For Any Occasion

Russian Kalinka Dance

The famous Russian folk dance "Kalinka" performed in couples. Infectious music and familiar rhythms will make you clap (and maybe sing?) along leaving an unforgettable memory.

Traditional Ukrainian Female Dance

A high-energy and beautifully compact Ukrainian female dance. This beautiful display of flexibility and youthful vigour will ignite any event and leave you cheering for more.

Cossack Male Sabre Dance

An explosive all-male acrobatic function designed as an effective and showy display of male athleticism and showy chivalry. Acrobatic solos, sword fighting and tight choreography - this dance showcases the best of Cossack dancing.

Mixed Cossack Dance

A lively and colourful dance involving both male and female dancers. A high- energy performance with strong acrobatic solos and stunts, sword fighting, and the alluring appeal of the beautiful Russian ladies.

Military Dance

Performed by 3 couples, this is a playful and flirty military dance. Filled with mockery and chivalry, this dance is reminiscent of the classic flirty military dances of the past.

Traditional Female Gypsy Dance

A seductive and alluring Gypsy dance performed by beautiful Russian ladies. This Russian adaptation of the Gypsy dance bursts with energy, vivid colours and dazzling costumes which will surely leave you hot under the collar.

The Battle of Nanaiskih Boys

This is a fighting, brawling dance with a twist. Thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike, this dance has a surprising ending which is guaranteed to make you and your children gasp with joy!

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