What We Do

Entertainment For Any Occasion

Wedding Entertainment

If you want bespoke performances uniquely tailored to suit and compliment your special day, look no further! Cossack Show has experience in performing at the host of weddings with the various requirements ranging from an explosive and energetic Cossack function and get-up-and-dance routines with the guests and the happy couple to more lyrical, classic dancing routines. Whatever your needs, we guarantee to do everything to make your special day even more special!

Entertainment for Special Events

Cossack Show are a very flexible dancing group with the experience of performing at a range of special events. We have previously performed at the events such as the grand opening of easyJet’s new routes to Moscow, the closing awards ceremony for the Russian Paralympic team as well as making a numerous TV appearances.

Dance Workshops

How would you like to try some of the famous Russian and Ukrainian Cossack dance moves? Grab your guests and co-workers and join the Cossacks in showcasing your hidden “gopak” talent! Flexible Master Class packages available.

Christmas Party Dance Entertainment

What is a better way to celebrate Christmas than to watch Cossack dancers jump, dance and fight it out with swords for your pleasure? We have performed at over 30 Christmas parties ranging in size from close private functions of 50-100 people to over 800 people! Contact us today and celebrate Christmas with the Cossacks!

Corporate Dance Entertainment

Cossack Show have had the pleasure to perform at various corporate events for a host of high profile clients. Among others, our previous clients in the field include Gazprom, British Army and PepsiCo. Whatever your needs may be, our flexibility will guarantee you a pleasant evening.

Theatre Work

Cossack Show had the privilege to perform at the STAG Theatre’s adaptation of “Fiddler on the roof” which brought a lot of joy to the dancers and audiences alike. We are also currently working on a theatre adaptation of Marie Atallah’s “Sing in French” project, which is scheduled to be completed in the early 2014. We are always interested in taking part in interesting and challenging projects, so if you are looking for dancers with theatre and television experience, Cossack Show will be happy to help!

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